Part Time Job

I was once asked whilst caddying in a pro-am what I did with all my time off, given that I “only work four days a week – Thursday to Sunday – and only two days a week if he misses the cut!” The fact that it was Wednesday had either escaped my interrogator or heContinue reading “Part Time Job”

Do Less Better

Some players do a lot badly and need some help to do less better. That reads like a line from a Spike Milligan poem, but there’s logic in it, albeit, well concealed. Time management in the week of a golf tournament is an acquired skill. Getting yourself to the first tee on the first dayContinue reading “Do Less Better”

Lovely Bubbly

Packing was never my favourite part of the job. To sit down and make a list of all the things one might possibly need on a trip and then refine that list to make sure all those items fit in one’s luggage would be the sensible thing to do. To leave oneself some time afterContinue reading “Lovely Bubbly”